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Rain Forest Design is the company that has designed, built and manages Bioparc Fuengirola and Bioparc Valencia.

It is also remodeling and managing the Bioparc Gijón Aquarium and the Granada Science Park Biodome.


The Foundation is nourished largely by the price of tickets to the different parks and the collection of different activities that are devised in them. Thus, all visitors to these parks actively participate in the conservation of nature that is recreated in the parks and that they are going to visit.

Link to RFD website



Bioparc Fuengirola focuses on the tropical rainforests of the world. The most endangered species in the forests of Africa, Southeast Asia and, soon, equatorial America, live in reproductions of their original ecosystems.

Link to BPF website

Bioparc Valencia focuses on the African savannahs and jungles. The kopjes of Tanzania and Namibia, the forests of the Congo basin, the savannahs of East Africa, the tsingy of Madagascar or the Kitum cave of Kenya are some of the scenarios where some of the most endangered species in Africa reproduce and conserve .

Link to BPV website



Since 2018 the responsibility for the remodeling and management of the Gijón municipal aquarium has passed to Rain Forest Design. The objectives and projects of the Bioparc Foundation therefore become part of the Aquarium where knowledge of the oceans and education and awareness to protect them are its primary goal.

Link to BPG Aquarium website

Since 2016 Rain Forest remodels and manages the Granada Science Park Biodome, including its enclosures and species within the projects and interests of the Bioparc Foundation.

Link to Biodome Granada

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