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“Choose only one teacher: Nature”



Our developed societies have moved away from nature. Indifference is combined with ignorance in such a way that, with ease, one falls into the "good" and useless idea of the so-called animalists or, in the worst case, in a total lack of interest and concern for their fate. ecosystems, animals or plants.


At the Foundation we want to reconnect this public with Nature. And we believe that Art, in all its manifestations, is the best vehicle to do so. A sensory, psychic, emotional experience awakens the initial interest from which one begins to be interested, to worry, to protect what has captivated him.


Our parks themselves are an artistic and real recreation of the wonder of nature that allows the visitor to feel surrounded by jungles, savannahs, wetlands, coral reefs or ocean floors. With the support of the parks we are organizing documentary festivals focused on Conservation, we support painting exhibitions and concerts, we paint murals, we erect sculptures, we sponsor books, we make documentaries... Any activity that leads to touching the feelings of the public in favor of Nature .


The Art thus becomes the Art of Conservation.


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