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The Bioparc Foundation organizes and promotes activities that combine science and art to educate, raise awareness and promote the conservation of nature, from the smallest species to the most sophisticated biological systems. All these activities are based on the idea that the beauty of the natural world, the emotional and sensory appeal of our planet is the key that opens the door to conservation.


The first Documentary Festival promoted by the Foundation focuses on the protection and care of the oceans, seas and coasts. Based at the Bioparc Gijón Aquarium, the Festival has an agenda of activities that will spread throughout the city of Gijón during its week of celebration with screenings of the selected documentaries in different theaters and cinemas in the city, conferences and round tables in the Aquarium and an advertising display focused on awareness messages about the need to protect our seas and coasts.

The Wild Oceans Film Fest will be the first of three festivals to be held in successive years. It will be followed by the Wild Africa Film Fest at the Bioparc Valencia and the Wild Jungles Film Fest at the Bioparc Fuengirola.

Link to festival website


In each of the parks, the Foundation promotes conferences and series of conferences related to ecology, nature, wildlife and conservation, given by national and international specialists.

Conferences offered:


The sea abyss. (Fernando Gonzalez Sitges)

The reality behind the Man Eaters. (Fernando Gonzalez Sitges)

Nandoumary Project: Conserving Western Chimpanzees. (Laia Dotras)

In situ conservation and ex situ conservation. (

Rolling nature. (Joaquin Gutierrez Acha)

Sharks: threats and future. (Carlos Mico)

Conservation of our rivers. (Ramon J. Breña)

Felix's legacy: Conservation of our fauna SXXI. (Odile Rodriguez de la Fuente).

Travel and Nature (Fernando Sánchez Heredero, Gonzalo Cordero, Miquel Ribas)

Cryptozoology: the hunters of Legends (Fernando González Sitges)


Similarly, courses are taught on topics related to ecology, nature, wildlife and conservation taught by professionals with extensive fieldwork experience on the subjects taught.

Footprint tracking.

Nature documentaries.




Having art as the main vehicle for transmitting conservationist messages, the Foundation promotes exhibitions of different arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, engraving) focused on issues of the environment, ecology, wildlife and conservation.


Posters for Conservation.

Travel Notebooks.

ZOO SXXI: the challenge of imitating nature.


The Foundation, through different agreements with the most important production companies and platforms in the world – BBC, Netflix, Movistar +, Disney Nature, etc. -, projects in its parks, free of charge, the best documentaries in the world focused on nature, ecology and conservation issues.

Upcoming screenings:

Xxxxxx Sharks.


The Foundation supports and finances conservation documentaries and helps their dissemination. These documentaries are regularly screened at the Bioparc Gijón Aquarium and Bioparc Valencia.

Jungle Seeds

The Heirs of the Ark:

Chap. 1: The Century of Great Changes

Chap. 2: Tempest in the Sea of Grasses

Chap. 3: Light in the Heart of Darkness

Chap. 4: Keeping the Giants

Chap. 5: Blood Brothers

Chap. 6: Global Planet

El Ocaso del Rey: Documentary about Atlantic salmon and its reproduction in Asturian rivers.




The Foundation supports the publication of books that support and promote its founding values.

National Parks of the World (Francisco Santolalla)

At night, in the jungle


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