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Fundación Bioparc is a non-profit foundation that emerged from the conservationist philosophy of Bioparc Fuengirola, Bioparc Valencia and the Bioparc Gijón Aquarium, three parks focused on protecting and conserving nature through awareness, education, art and international programs of conservation both in the parks themselves (ex situ) and in the original ecosystems of the different species (in situ).


At a time when nature is giving clear warning signs, when global warming announces possible dramatic changes in the global ecology of our planet and the human population is close to 8 billion, education and awareness become the last hope to achieve the change that corrects the devastating footprint of our species.

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Our purpose is to protect and conserve Nature. And do it by educating.


Currently, seeing the degree of deterioration of environmental systems, indifference is the worst enemy of Nature. It is not enough to love our pets and proclaim love for animals and the environment. We have to act, set an example, support, sacrifice... We have to get rid of sociopolitical clichés generated by people who know nothing about the problems and real solutions of a nature that disappears and act immediately with scientific, social, practical criteria; criteria that give results.


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With this approach, we focus our efforts on four main lines of action:


Quiénes somos

Nuestro propósito es proteger y conservar la Naturaleza. Y hacerlo educando.


En la actualidad, viendo el grado de deterioro de los sistemas ambientales, la indiferencia es el peor enemigo de la Naturaleza. No vale con querer a nuestras mascotas y proclamar el amor por los animales y el medio ambiente. Hay que actuar, dar ejemplo, apoyar, sacrificarse… Tenemos que dejarnos de clichés sociopolíticos generados por gente que no sabe nada sobre los problemas y soluciones reales de una naturaleza que desaparece y actuar de inmediato con criterios científicos, sociales, prácticos; criterios que den resultados.


Foto de fondo Javier Tierra desde el espacio

Con este enfoque centramos nuestros esfuerzos en cuatro vías principales de actuación:

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